Julian Bartrom is a source of high quality diamonds in Auckland for diamond engagement ring

Diamonds are graded by a number of characteristics referred to as the four C’s, being the Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight. The quality of these characteristics determine a diamond’s value.

The Cut has the greatest influence on a diamond’s brilliance and sparkle. Cut to the right proportions, light enters the diamond and is refracted back to the eye through the table facet, giving maximum sparkle.

Diamond colour is graded from ‘D’ (colourless) to ‘Z’ (yellow-brown), with colourless diamonds considered more desirable.

A diamond’s clarity grade ranges from F (flawless) to I3 (Included). A flawless diamond is truly rare. From grade SI2+ to F diamond inclusions are considered only identifiable under 10x magnification, and not the naked eye.

A diamond’s weight is measured in Carats, with the size across the top of each diamond varying depending on how it is cut. When selecting the size of your stone be mindful of the other C’s, as a smaller, high quality stone can often look more impressive than a larger stone of low quality.

Selecting your diamond is one of the most fascinating and important decisions when it comes to engagement rings and fine jewellery. Julian Bartrom sources the finest quality diamonds from around the world, at your wish, direct from the cutters. When deciding on a diamond it is important to consider all aspects of the four C’s, but as a guide we recommend selecting a stone with the best Cut and not compromising quality for size. This will ensure maximum light is reflected from within the stone for full sparkle and brilliance. Whatever your choice and priorities, we are here to guide and support you with decisions on the four C’s, setting styles, and price.

GIA Qualified diamond expert Julian Bartrom, a sources of high quality and excellent cut diamonds direct

We are committed to supplying gemstones and diamonds from ethical sources promoting social and environmental practices, traced from the mine to the market.

Beautiful natural gemstones and diamonds from ethical sources promoting social and environmental practices, available in Auckland

As a qualified gemologist and diamond grader Julian Bartrom offers valuation reports in accordance with the rules and regulations of the NZ Jewellery Valuers Society. An Independent Valuation can be arranged.

Our goal is to keep your ring looking as beautiful and sparkly as the first day you wore it with our lifetime service that allows you to bring in your ring periodically to have it checked, cleaned and polished.

The Julian Bartrom Gemstone, fine gemstones in Auckland. 8.7ct oval Ceylonese sapphire.

Julian Bartrom is a Graduate Gemmologist trained with the GIA who has developed a keen eye for lively gemstones.
Nothing else shows colour with more life than the tones seen in a coloured gemstone. As light reflects through a gem its colour is accentuated and reflected back to the eye with depth and dimension.

When buying colour gemstones such as Burmese Ruby, Colombian Emeralds and Ceylonese Sapphire, only a very few match our high standard of perfection. We are continuously refreshing our selection of rare, semi precious and precious gemstones and offer an array of superb un-mounted colour gems which hold that all-intrinsic, natural allure; soft pink Tourmalines, antique cut Sapphires, emerald cut Aquamarines and designer cut Citrines, just to name a few.

We like to play with an open deck, so we have done our best to provide a price guide for our custom made jewellery. Because every piece of jewellery that we make is unique, this guide is merely an indication of possibilities. When we put our pencil to the design pad we like to follow your lead for price range and scope.

0.50ct = $3500 – $6500 +/-
0.70ct = $6000 – $8000 +/-
0.90ct = $7000 – $11,000 +/-
1ct = $9,000 – $13,000 +/-
2ct = $23,000 – $27,000 +/-
3ct = $43,000 – $68,000 +/-
4ct = $70,000  – 150,000 +/-
5ct =120,000 – 230,000 +/-



Small to medium sized precious gemstones
$2000 – $6000 +/-

Medium to large gemstones with detailed craftsmanship
$5000 – $12,000 +/-

Large gemstones with detailed craftsmanship
$10,000 – $100,000 +/-

Tax free sales are available to clients who are travelling overseas; a $300 Airport handling charge will save you the GST.

For a no-obligations design consultation and quotation, please enquire.