Find the diamond that she will really love and have your perfect engagement ring custom made

Giving jewellery as a surprise is a risky business but if it’s done right it can make all the difference. With important design decisions it’s best to play it safe by finding all the essential information first or even leaving an escape plan if it’s not quite what she wanted. Alternatively, many couples enjoy going through the design process together and there are always many opportunities for you to surprise her along the way.
Julian Bartrom can assist you in making it happen right.

Here you’ll find some of the ways we can help you to create the perfect proposal.

We offer a silver ring with ‘Will you marry me?‘ engraved in script. This allows you to truly design the perfect engagement ring together and the silver ring is yours to keep as a memento.


Surprise her with a diamond or gem stone which is unset. Together you will be able to design the perfect ring for that stone.


Propose with a brilliant cut diamond set in a classic solitaire setting. There is always the opportunity to take the next step together and design the ring style for her diamond that she will love.


Using one of our beautifully designed vouchers is one way to say ‘we are going to get it made right’. Then come in to meet with Julian to design your custom made engagement ring or item of jewellery together.