Five stone diamond ring 488

As rays of light that beam through the clouds form lines in the sky, so does the light shine as it touches the defined facets of these five step cut diamonds; a quintet of mesmerizing symmetry and spectacular clarity that extends across the finger from Emerald cut to Trapezoid cut and finally to Tapered baguette cut at each end. This ring is custom made in the precious metal of platinum for its combined qualities of premium whiteness and enduring strength.    

Emerald cut diamonds, Trapezoid cut diamonds & Tapered baguette diamonds

How much are emerald cut diamonds: Emerald cut diamonds range in price depending on the size and quality of the stone. In emerald cut diamonds, small inclusions and imperfections can easily be seen so it’s best to look at stones with a clarity grade above SI1. Solitaire emerald cut diamond prices start at two thousand dollars and upwards.