Nothing tells your sweetheart she’s a gem more than a diamond or jewel and it all starts with an appointment at our Auckland jewellery design studio. It’s a time to look, explore ideas, share inspiration and a time for your dream to become heard. Gems will be shown to you and notes will be taken and our sights will be set not only on the next month but on how this piece will symbolise your special occasion for ever.


1. Explore the options. Explore custom jewellery designs ideas, with fine jewellery designer and diamond expert.

Watch while that vision takes its first step into reality with a pencil design, hand drawn while you wait. There are no obligations to purchase when you come in and this appointment is offered gratis. As we are a small business you will be dealing with Julian Bartrom in all your communications. With a design on paper, a quotation is then offered and a 50% deposit is paid.


2, Develop the vision. 2ct diamond ring and custom jewellery design with jewellery expert Julian Bartrom.

Sourcing the gems is about knowing where to go for the perfect gem. From little Ellerslie we land diamonds from all parts of the world and show them to you for your approval.

There is an art to looking at a diamond. I invite you to look inside it and watch the lower point from where all the facets radiate. This point is known as the Culet in the ancient tradition of diamond cutting. That first look tells you everything: is it pristine clean? As white as the driven snow? And does it twinkle? Anybody can see it; it just takes training to know what you’re seeing.


3. Sourcing the gems. A clean diamond under inspection by diamond importer and expert Julian Bartrom

Only once the design has been confirmed will manufacture commence. A custom made jewellery creation is like a tailored gown or suit, perfectly fitted and complimentary from every angle.  From melting the platinum and gold to forming the width and thickness, perfectly proportioned and deliberately positioned at just the right point, every millimeter is tailored to meet that look we set out to accomplish.


4. Melting the metal. Hand made jewellery manufacturing in the jewellery workshop of Julian Bartrom

Jewellery which has substantial thickness and yet still provides an elegant appearance, jewellery that can be worn and stands the tests of time, a treasure in the family, an heirloom on your finger; this is the art of the jeweler. Some pieces can take days but most pieces take weeks. Four weeks provides us with sufficient time to complete most projects from start to finish.


5. Crafting the ring. High quality hand made jewellery in Julian Bartrom's Auckland jewellery working


When it’s your piece that we’re making, we like to have your involvement. Measure twice and cut once is our philosophy. You might even try the ring on when it’s part way through being made, before the stones are set in place, just to confirm the fit.

At this stage you might have your flight already booked and have plans for an effortless trip off shore, your new jewel purchased duty free, a service we offer which may just make the difference.


6. Check the size. Customized engagement ring, personalised fine jewellery and brilliant cut diamonds in Auckland

Setting the stones is a process which requires precise control and is one of the most specialised professions of all. It’s the finishing touches that make a fine jewellery creation stand out as exceptional and exceptional is our standard. There are no short cuts in making a fine quality diamond ring or item of jewellery, in fact it’s usually the good old way that produces the best results.


7. Set the stones. Setting a bespoke fine quality diamond ring or item of custom jewellery

When your fine jewellery creation is completed the trumpets start playing and the drums roll then just before the little lid opens everything falls silent and out from the box shines a ray of light that perches itself upon your finger.

When commissioning a piece of jewellery from us, satisfaction is a promise we make; twinkle and glisten just the way you wanted it, all wrapped up with an insurance valuation and a lifetime guarantee for workmanship.


8. The finished piece. Quality jewellery for engagements and adversity gifts custom made for you.

Steal her heart with a Julian Bartrom creation as your symbol of perfection, and as your jeweler we will maintain your rings and jewellery with an outstanding shine, provided free of charge, forever.


9. Pop the Questions. Auckland custom jewellery service for a lifetime of custom diamond jewllery